Data journalistCurrent jobuDA (Madrid)Urban Data Analytics is a leading startup of the real estate world. Based in Madrid, they help companies, cities and governments to understand the dynamics of Real Estate using techniques of Big Data. Every two weeks, we publish an article based on data in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. We also publish once in a while in El País and the magazine Observatorio Inmobiliario.
Translation & WritingJune - July 2017The Code Documentary (Madrid)Freelance work as a translator (Spanish to English and Spanish to French) for a documentary production. The Code Doc tells the story of a group of legal warriors fighting to include economic and environmental crimes as crimes against humanity. The leader of the movement is Baltasar Garzón, the Spanish judge who took the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet to court in the late 1990's.
Design & CommunicationJuly - December 2016ENTSO-E (Brussels)ENTSO-E is a Belgian organization in charge of improving European energy grids by proposing drafts to the big energy companies. In the Communication Section, I was mainly in charge of improving PowerPoint presentations, creating layouts for case files and drawing infographics. I improved my competencies in visualization and simplification of information. I worked a few months in the office, then started working remotely. It was also my first experience working in English in an international team.
JournalismMay - June 201624h01 (Brussels)This Belgian magazine represents all I love in journalism: high-quality writing, independence, high-level ethics and desire to open the reader's eyes to unknown realities. I spent two months within 24h01's redaction as an intern and wrote a long format article for their website. I was also in charge of the social networks feeds.
PublishingFebruary 2016La Fábrica (Madrid)La Fábrica is a Spanish publishing house dedicated to art and photography. This internship was my first experience in the publishing world. It made me feel more comfortable working in a foreign language and my speaking and writing skills in Spanish improved.
Master in Journalism2014 - 2016IHECS, BrusselsDuring these two years, my skills improved in writing, investigating and making information simple (and pleasant to read). The master sharpened my intuition in knowing what is a good subject. I specialised in photojournalism and magazine and worked for three months on a mook about agriculture in Belgium. The experience that marked me the most was the two months I spent in Bolivia shooting a 26 minutes documentary for my thesis. I was graduated with honours.
Bachelor in Communications2011 - 2013IHECS, BrusselsThanks to this bachelor, I know the basics of how to set up a project, how to spread a message with the greatest impact as well as how to build a case to find sponsors. I learned to work in a team, under a short deadline. Graduated with honours.
Practical skillsWeb design, photography, video editing, infographics, a bit of coding (HTML, CSS & JS). Programs: Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere, Tableau, MS Office
QualitiesOrganised, resourceful, hard worker, independent, enthusiastic and cheerful.
Other things
Award winner of the Sophie Soudant ScholarshipMay 2015IHECSEvery year at IHECS, the Sophie Soudant Scholarship is offered to a school project to reward its originality, openness to the world, sharing value of cultural liberty as well as the enthusiasm, solidarity, and spontaneity of the candidates. We won the first place and received a scholarship of 2.500€ to finish our documentary "Bolivia's Little Hands".