Bolivia’s little hands

picture of Jose cleaning a gravestone

In Bolivia, one in four children works. It is the country with the highest rate of child labor in South America. During the 2000s, child workers organized themselves in unions (NATs) to defend their rights and protect themselves against abuses.

In 2015, hundreds of unionized children took to the streets to claim their right to a decent and legal employment. A few months later, Evo Morales’ government legalized work from the age of 10. Bolivia was then the first country of the UN allowing work before 14 years old.

This short documentary focuses on the children’s demands and needs. It attempts to open a dialogue between children and adults without judging or putting the blame on someone.

Discover the opinion of Jose Daniel and Leticia, members of the Children’s Union of Cochabamba (UNATSCO).

*photo by Ornella Diaz