Free the Fish

This extension protects you from lousy media content when surfing the web, blocking phony headlines and bot-written articles. Our goal with this project is to free the internet from clickbait, a shameful practice used by news media to generate traffic on their webpages.

Why use it?

? Detect clickbait headlines

Turn the extension on and never fall for bait anymore. All clickbait-y content will be spotted on the page you visiting.

? Read spoilers written by the community

You can’t help but wondering what is “THE ULTIMATE THING to wake up in great shape EVERY DAY”? With some chance, another user already read it and spoiled it for you to save you the reading time!

? Make the web a better place

  • Report clickbait: See a typical clickbait headline? Report it and it will be added to a public ranking with media that get shamed most frequently.
  • Write spoilers: You got fooled by a sexy headline and lost precious time reading a lousy article? Drop a spoiler so the next person won’t be fooled ?️‍♀️

This is an open source project, you can find the code on the public repository. Anyone is welcome to use it, giving appropriate credit to the authors.